Media market

We performed a big data analysis using a rule engine to correlate it with its real use in subscriber profiles. We provide a daily report to guide users in correcting mismatches. Since the release in production, the errors have been resolved and are kept under control. The costs of this project have been recouped in 3 months and by now more costs have been cut by our customer (licenses, subscribers not paying for some extras, ...).

In the early 2000, we delivered a distributed system to support TV games linking players, game host and studio equipment while being shot. Two TV games were driven by this system for 6 seasons.

Medical market

We created the HYGIEBUS platform, a flexible fully redundant platform to allow systems from different vendors in the medical field to exchange data.

The HYGIEBUS platform has been in production since January 2009 and is a central piece in the implementation of the electronic medical record in hospitals. It currently bridges data exchanges between medical record systems, radiology PACS, laboratory LIMS and pharmacy dispensing cabinets. We create adapters to existing supplier systems while other solutions require the suppliers to adapt their systems to fit.

Biometric and id card market

We performed a fast integration project to help our customer to answer the then biggest RFP in the biometric market. The state authorities of a 17+ million citizen country wanted to upgrade to biometric passports and national id cards National id cards and passports. We delivered a solution in two months that was demoed to the customer representatives, from production of the ids to actual recognition of real volunteers from this country with biometric scanners. This step was a critical milestone that had to be met to be allowed to submit a proposal.

We adapted an existing software solution to support a new driver license card to minimize fraud and supported it with enhancements for 7 years. More than 1 million driver licenses a year where printed using this enhanced driver license. This system was distributed throughout a network of 150 service centers. The medical ID card renewals was also handled through this system. The original manufacturer had refused to enhance is software to support the new driver license.

Courier delivery services market

We created a new product from an existing air delivery planning software for a major player. This product aimed at covering short term planning needs. We delivered the project earlier than planned by our customer despite taking a bit longer to deliver the first milestone. We planned differently, our customer was quite astonished by the resulting schedule.

Travel market

We delivered an ATPCO compliant component to allow resellers to push their own ATPCO like fares on top of the ATCO data feeds to allow them to present their own fare preferences first. Most of this project was green field, nobody had done this so far.

We delivered an airline booking engine for a major player in the industry (1500 agents, +5 billions in revenue) with strict performance requirements. Our performance benchmarks were 50% under the limits imposed by the performance requirements.

We also delivered to another major player an adapter to a carrier booking system to be integrated in an existing legacy system. Our customer used to takes 10+ months to deliver an equivalent solution. We delivered in 17 weeks and created in the same time frame a reusable framework to screen scrape data from the remote booking system.